Since 1987, Serve You Rx has been the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) of choice for employee benefit brokers and consultants, their clients, including employers, unions, coalitions and governmental entities, as well as third party administrators who are looking for a valuable partner to effectively manage prescription drug costs.

We strive to deliver value and stability in a market that too often finds both in short supply. Serve You Rx offers:

  • Stability
  • Consistency
  • Flexibility
  • Customized plan designs
  • Consultative clinical support
  • Robust trend management programs and strategies
  • Exceptionally focused member and client service
  • Quality-driven, Serve You Rx owned and operated mail service and specialty pharmacies



National Retail Pharmacy Network

  • Serve You Rx utilizes industry-leading pharmacy software for processing claims, which allows clients to maximize plan design flexibility and control
  • National retail network of 66,000+ pharmacies
  • Custom/narrow retail pharmacy networks available



Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy Mail Service

  • Owned and operated by Serve You Rx, ensuring tighter quality control
  • Convenient home delivery for maintenance medication
  • Less than two-day turnaround time on most orders that do not require exception processing or intervention
  • Cost savings for clients and patients through volume purchasing
  • Cost-effective for high-priced pharmaceuticals where close clinical monitoring of patient compliance is desired


Clinical Services

  • Generic Incentive Programs
  • Step Therapy
  • Prior Authorization
  • Quantity Limits/Dose Optimization
  • Formulary (Preferred Drug List) and Rebate Management
  • Concurrent Drug Utilization Review
  • Retrospective Drug Utilization Review
  • Over-the-Counter Drug Coverage and Therapeutic Category Management
  • Dispense-As-Written Adjustment
  • Specialty Pharmacy Management Program
  • Clinical Education Initiatives
  • Value-Based Benefit Design
  • Adherence Monitoring Program
  • Controlled Substance Monitoring Program
  • Compound Drug Management Strategies



  • Dedicated account team that starts with you at implementation and remains on the account to carry out goals and objectives
  • Account team comprised of a strategically focused Account Executive and Account Coordinator focused on day-to-day needs
  • Comprehensive formulary (preferred drug list) transition support
  • Flexible eligibility process and specifications
  • Pharmacy benefit experts and intuitive implementation guide facilitate benefit design decisions and plan set-up
  • Ongoing quality assurance audits
  • ID card content format and flexibility




  • Comprehensive standard monthly reports providing both detailed and summary plan metrics
  • Cost modeling analyses
  • Plan Renewal Analysis provided within 60 days of the plan’s benefit year
  • Online reporting available
  • Ad hoc reporting at no charge


Client Services

  • Responsive account team led by a strategically focused Account Executive and supported by an Account Coordinator dedicated to address day-to-day needs
  • Continuous review of plan data to identify opportunities to address trends and areas requiring proactive focus



Member & Provider Services

  • Call center staffed by certified pharmacy technicians trained extensively in claim adjudication, pharmacy production processes and Serve You Rx call center practices
  • 99% of member and provider calls resolved at first point of contact with a service representative
  • Call center services located at Serve You Rx’s corporate office in Wisconsin
  • Representatives available 364 days a year
  • Less than 30 second average speed of answer
  • Less than 5 percent abandonment rates
  • Use incident management system to identify root cause of issues and evaluate opportunities for improvements in training or process
  • Robust system that allows our customer service representatives to provide detailed information to members, including plan design, claim adjudication explanation and detail, mail service prescription status and cost



We are here to Serve You

For more information on how Serve You Rx can help develop a customized pharmacy benefit management program to meet your needs, please contact or call 888-243-6890.