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Sometimes the anxiety that comes with change can cause people to hesitate making one. Be assured that those who change to Serve You for pharmacy benefit management find comfort in knowing we have spent 30 years perfecting the implementation process, so transitioning business to us is as easy as ever.

#1     We let you know what’s coming.

We let you know what’s coming. People often hesitate to make a change because they don’t know if it’s worth it. Request a Serve You claims repricing analysis and receive a forecast of potential savings before you even start down the path of changing PBMs. It’s free and no obligations are required.


#2     Our transition plan anticipates and then eliminates disruptions.

Part of our transition planning includes identifying potential disruptions in formulary, pharmacies and use of mail service. If there are members whose medications are impacted by a formulary change, we proactively communicate with all necessary

#3     The team that starts with you stays with you.

Your implementation team and your account team are one in the same. The people you worked with to set the goals of the plan remain on your account to see that those goals are achieved.

#4     We communicate, communicate and then communicate more.

Communication is key in any relationship, especially during times of change. We work with you to create communication strategies that make sure members understand changes taking place and that they are transitioned smoothly.

#5     We don’t dictate the timeline of decisions.

Toward the end of the year, required lead times by some PBMs can impose unwelcome pressure for decisions. At Serve You, we can implement new groups and make plan changes in less than 30 days.

Want to see what's possible with Serve You Rx?

Before you even go down the path of considering a switch to Serve You Rx as your new PBM, find out what's in store for savings. Fill out this form to receive a list of data fields needed to receive our comprehensive claim repricing.